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Python has grown to be one of the most popular languages. I believe this is due to it's ease of use, and inherent power. The Python language works as a facilitator, interfacing with optimized libraries in C or C++ when needed to bring native performance to critical operations.

Python itself is not the fastest language but when used to glue together operations, computation-intensive operations are moved to fast native code.

For a large portion of applications, speed isn't the key factor. It is more important to be accurate, consistent and correct.

Django is a Python based web framework. Django provides the ability to:

  • Define URL paths that map to a view
  • Views that translate the incoming HTTP requests to operations
  • Templates that render HTML using powerful template languages
  • A high level Database layer, or Object Relational Mapping (ORM)
  • Low level Database access when needed or desired
  • Automatic generation of Forms for capturing user input into database models
  • The full power of PyPI packages giving Django access to a large repository of general purpose or Django specific packages

Those are just a few key highlights of this rich and capable web framework. I have worked with Django for 10 years, using it exclusively for all of my web development backend work for the past 5 years. Django has the ability to scale to vary large sites. Instagram is probably the largest site using Django today, which is a testament to how far Django can take you.

Modern websites need client code to keep them running smoothy, and to keep users happy with dynamic update - screen refreshes break continuity, and should be limited to context switches only.

At Sharpertool, we use ReactJS to build components that live in the browser. The components that give your site a top-notch user experience. We use the Django backend for the API, and take full advantage of modern capabilities like Serverless functions with AWS Lambda.

I can deploy your site to production servers on AWS or Digital Ocean. If you prefer another hosting provider, then my general experience with Unix/Linux, and the pieces needed to deploy a production system can be translated to your favorite provider. I am familiar with:

  • Proxy servers, like Apache and Nginx
  • UWSGi Servers like uwsgi and gunicorn
  • The Daphne ASGI server for WebSockets
  • Redis for caching, task management/queing, and more
  • Elasticseach search backend
  • Postgres database configuration, management and backup

Other capabilities include Docker, Elastic Container Service, AWS Lambda "serverless" functions, email configuration and management, application logging, ping monitoring, and more.

As I have said before, I don't know everything about anything, but I know a lot about many things and a little about a lot of things.

I can help you grow from small to the point where you won't be concerned about bringing in a dedicated expert in DevOps, or a full team, or, I can work with your existing team to help with your DevOps tasks.

WebSockets allows the client to maintain a connection to your severs, and be notified of important updates. WebSockets is a core part of chat clients, or any place that changes on your server should be sent to the client right away. The number of likes on an item, for example, or how many items are left -- buy now!

Django is a great web framework, but many sites today need a high level way to manage data, without bringing in a developer to change the text on your site.

There are many CMS options available, Wordpress of course, and many more. Wagtail takes a different approach. It is not a "block" based CMS, but a template based one. This means that the developers can render the "data" using the full power of the Django template system. The CMS provides the means to capture the data into the database model, and then render it.

This lower-level approach brings a lot of power to the backend, while still allowing content managers to add and edit content at will.

One great thing about Wagtail is that it does not limit the capabilities of Django as a framework, so anything you can do with Django by itself, you can still do with Wagtail. It's a fantastic marriage of versatility, easy of use, and power.

I can help you design a PC Board with mixed signal architecture, in anything from 2 to 16+ layers. I own a full license to Altium Designer, so your design will be completed in professional tools.

I experience building FPGA designs in Altera devices, primarily using SystemVerilog, which I highly recommend. I am able to build your System on a Chip (SoC) with a full stack from software, embedded Linux OS, and hardware design, including OpenCL