Sharpertool, LLC

Never stop sharpening the saw


More than a decade of experience with Python. We do not know everything, but we are very good at applying our core skills to new projects.

In fact, we positively thrive on it!


Django is the most popular Python based web framework. Django is fast, secure and very scalable. With Django your site can go from small, medium to huge - easily adapting to your changing needs.


Wagtail leverages the power of Django, and adds a word-class Content Management System (CMS) on top. It works seamlessly with Django to provide a fantastically flexible environment, but also an easy to use content management environment that can be customized to you project needs.

Wagtail drives some huge sites today. Google, Nasa, MIT, to name a few. Learn more at


Today's users demand responsive sites. Your site needs to be quick and responsive to user actions. You can't build a modern site without some healthy amounts of Javascript.

At Sharpertool, we use ReactJS to build components that live in the browser. The components that give your site a top-notch user experience. We use the Django backend for the API, and take full advantage of modern capabilities like Serverless functions with AWS Lambda.